On Saturdays, we bring you the most unique breakfast in town

You still loved it in 2023, but you had to skip breakfast for a while. Then it happened that, not exaggerating with the flu, but actually a lot of people asked about it. When will breakfast be, where did the breakfast go, should we come for brunch, why don't we know, yours was the best... so we had to give in to the pressure and after a little test run, we decided that Saturdays would be the perfect time to have breakfast with us.

After all, the Friday meeting may have slipped by and it would be nice to have some redemption, you have to rush all week and after the quick bakery cookies eaten in the spectacular dog run, a rich brunch would be a real gift. Or you've already run your laps on Margit Island and a little energy replenishment wouldn't hurt. We leave Sunday for grandma's broth (or our Vietnamese goulash), but you can count on us on Saturday. 

Our breakfast is served from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., which omits the elements that are usually found on a breakfast menu. That is why we gave our Saturday brunch occasions the subtitle "Not an ordinary breakfast". Really forget about the pair of hot dogs paired with mustard, the overpriced scrambled eggs and the holey buns called bagels, because that's not what breakfast is about here.

Tornadoes can be made from high-quality eggs, placed on top of sushi rice and finished with sesame tare. The beloved dandan ragu is also served at breakfast, only with rice and fried eggs. The perfect egg is accompanied by tangerine-passion brown butter Hollandaise, easily and non-stop. The chef dreamed up two kinds of sandwiches to start the day: one is fried chicken katsu with mayonnaise, greens, mango vinaigrette, wrapped in a Bosnian pie. The other one is the Vietnamese meatloaf, with a veil of bacon, brown onion, lemon reed and coriander, also in the browned pie.

Portuguese pastel de nata is sometimes baked for dessert, but there are still so many recipes waiting to be shown on these relaxing Saturdays.