Yusei Hokama made tamagoyaki at VietnámigulyásHK

Hokama-san has been living in Budapest for more than 30 years. He came to us from Okinawa and is credited with opening the first Japanese restaurant in Budapest. Sophisticated, precise professional with impressive experience and knowledge:
commitment to the profession and respect for the raw materials are included in every movement. Krisztián also learns how to make sushi from Hokama-san, who was his master.

Since then, they have maintained a good friendship and even though their worlds and paces are so different, they have some things in common. Their life is the art of cooking, and they create on a completely different vibration than an average, subsistence cook.  On the Saturday before Mother's Day, as part of VietnamgulyásHK's "Not an Ordinary Breakfast" series, Hokama-san was with us to prepare the layered egg cake called Japanese omelette in the recently purchased tamagoyaki egg cooker.

It takes high-quality eggs, a very steady hand and a lot of experience to make an Asian omelet as beautiful as the one Hokama prepared for the guests this Saturday.

We hope that this was not the first time that you stayed with us and that you will visit us again either for breakfast or sushi!